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Plan Pricing

Standard Custom Design Price

     $1.25 per foot of living area.  $500 deposit required before work begins.

     This price includes full service design, including client interview and discussion, preliminary floor plans, design review by client and  finished construction drawings.

     A typical set includes the following: dimensioned and annotated drawings, floor plan, electrical plan, four exterior elevations, roof plan and interior elevations.

     Standard Custom Design price plans will go into my plan book and web site inventory, to be sold to you or anyone for the re-use fee of  $0.60 sq ft.

Standard Stock Plan Price

     $.60 per foot of living area for any of our stock plans.

     Changes to stock plan will be charged at an designer’s normal, hourly rate or at a fixed price to be agreed by client.


     Plans will be delivered via email in an electronic PDF format.  Additional copies can be ordered as a service, and will be paid for by the client.

Custom Exclusive Price

     These plans can be made available to individuals and builders.  They are exclusive to the client and will

      not be sold to anyone else.    Clients may build multiple homes based on the design and plans for an agreed

      price and terms.  If you’re interested in purchasing exclusive rights to a plan, please contact us.

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